When you have placed an order
through our webshop you have agreed to the terms stated bellow and entered a binding contract. Shortly after your order is placed you will get an email confirming your purchase, stating which object(s) the order consist of as well as total price, including shipping and method of such. To buy you have to be 18 years or have the approval
of your guardian. If there is something wrong with your order please contact us via alexander@nordlingsantik.se
or call: +46760425519.

We send all smaller objects with Swedish post, domestic as well as international. We send objects twice every week, Tuesdays and Fridays. Normal shipping time for domestic orderes is 2-5 business days. Normal shippingtime for international orders vary a lot but the cutomer
should expect up to two weeks from the next coming shipping day. The customer should note that during holidays, such as Christmas, the time for delivery might be longer. We supply tracing number for every individual order. Following this all shipments can be followed at www.postnord.se.
We gladly answer all questions about delivery status and will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible during the time the goods are on its way towards you.

All furniture is sent through mayor shipping companys. Prices vary a lot and we make sure to provide you with the best possible quote present. We do so as swiftly as we
manage after the order has been placed. All customers should note that shippingtime vary a lot depending on where it is going. No order of furniture is completed before the shipping quote has been provided and accepted by the customer. We will provide all information needed to follow the object on its way and providing you with.

If an order of a piece of furniture have been made and we fail to provide satisfying shipping quote the customer has the full right to withdraw their purchase and will be fully refunded.

We take full responsibility that the
goods reach you in its original condition, as stated on the website, untill the object is either collected by the buyer or delivered by the shippingcompany. If something is not in order and the goods have been damaged during transportation we suggest the customer to note
this directly with the shipping firm in question to avoid any dispute arrising from this.

If the time of delivery would exceed
more than thirty days for domestic orders the customer have the right to cancel their purchase. All cancellations on orders shall be sent to: isak@modernisten.com


Goods weighing up to 2 kilos cost 150:- for domestic orders and 400:- for international orders outside of Sweden.

Goods weighing between 2-10 kilos cost 400:- for domestic orders and 2-8 kilos cost 800:- for international orders outside of Sweden.

Larger objects and furniture are put on hold when ordered and a shipping quote will be sent to you as soon as possible after the order have been placed. The order is completed when the shipping quote is accepted by the buyer.

Shipping is free of charge inside the Stockholm area.

It is the customers responsibility to cover all unforseen costs such as duty, customs charges, tax etc. applied to their order in designated country. This apllies for all orders outside of Sweden.

Method of payment

Card Payment:
when ordering you can pay directly with the option card payment. This is possible through the major cardcompanys such as Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/American Express.

Is one of the leading payment solutions and one of the most secure ways to pay through the internet. PayPal follows the international standrads for internettrade, PCI (Payment Card Industry)and CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) for computersafety and encryption.

Force Majeure
If the shipping would be delayed because of unforseen reasons outside our company such as natural dissasters, strike etc. or “Force Majeure” we do not take responsibillity for what circumstances might arrise due to this. We will however try and aid you to the best of our abbility in this unlikeley event.

Information about PUL
According to The Swedish law on personal integrity (Personuppgiftslagen, PUL) we do not save your personal information needed for ordering an object(s) other than to complete the order. Our Swedish customers can read more on PUL here: http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Dokument-Lagar/Lagar/Svenskforfattningssamling/Personuppgiftslag-1998204_...

Accoding to Swedish law to protect customer integrity we inform you that cookies are saved when visiting
our website. Cookies is a small fragment of information, for exampel used to recognise your loggin information and shoppingbag. Cookies can be denied through settings in your webbrowser.

All prices on the website are written out in SEK (Swedish Kronor), Vinst Marginal Beskattning (VMB) is applied on all second hand goods in Sweden, this is stated in each order. Percentage (for example 25%, standard VAT in Sweden) is not declared in your order accordingly. There is no Tax Free to be applied on second hand goods in Sweden.

Right to withdraw, returns, complaints
Right to withdraw/return: The costumer has the legal right to withdraw or return their purchase within 14 days from collecting their product. The object is to be in the same condition as it was prior to shipping, with the original
tags and box it came with. When the right to withdraw is put in to use the costumer is to pay all costs for the return of the goods as well as the safety of the returning product. The amount payed for the product will be returned once the goods is restored to us in the same condition as it was when ordered.

all complaints is to be notified to or be called in to +4670425519. All goods sold by us is second hand and to be considered used, if not stated otherwise. All costumers are to thoroughly inspect the pictures of wanted object to get an as good idea of the items individual condition. We sort out what we believe are outstanding examples of modern design objects
which have been used and loved through generations, sometimes restored with care. They are however always used. If you are uncertain of a desired objects condition please contact us at: isak@modernisten.com for additional pictures before purchase. Complaints on an objects
condition will not be accepted, if not the object have been obviously damaged during transport. The costs of return shipping for an accepted complaint will be payed by the seller.

are accepted. In the case of a return the costumer pays for all costs to return the original product. We will pay for the shipping of the exchanged product in the cases where this is reasonable (furniture long distans/abroad excluded from this). Please always contact us at: isak@modernisten.com if you would like to make a return.

We try to keep the website as up to date as possible and all objects on the site are to be considered for sale, if not stated otherwise. We sell second hand goods not available from reseller and in the event the object ordered would already be sold we will contact you via email and refund the total amount payed as soon as possible. The buyer should then note that the time for the transaction refund might vary deppending on the country in which the order has been placed.

We reserve the right to deny a customer buying an ordered object in the case of typos or if any information have turned out wrong.

We also reserve the right to deny
any purschase of any product at any time without further discussion.

The customer should also note that there might be slight differences in colour from the pictures, depending on settings and type of screen/computer used as well as resolution. We try our outmost to picture the objects as correctly as possible. For additional pictures contact: isak@modernisten.com

We believe in good service and lasting customer relationships. We work hard to make all of our customers satisfied and should a problem arise we will do our outmost to solve this to the best of our abilities. 

Happy shopping!